A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Because be fabulous is for noobies

About the game:
Fabolous Samurai is a random endless runner game where you control a soulless fabolous random poker face samurai.

Avoid obstacles, slay the non-fabolous enemies, take the power-ups to increase your fabolous level and collect the coins for no reason (at least not until the final version release on 20??).

Early acces limitations:
The store doesn't work yet
Lots of bugs

What's the deal?
Secret Works is a group of 2 random dudes studying game development.

We made this game with the purpose to learn Unity and do something useful for our knowledge.

If you found any bugs or just want to give us some feedback please make sure to comment on the download page or contact us through twitter (@SecretWorksDev) or send us a mail to secretworkscontact@gmail.com.

Creative Commons License
All the assets and music of this game created by Secret Works is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Install instructions


Unzip the file and execute FabolousSamurai.exe

(Some antivirus can show you a warning message when extracting or executing. We think this happens because of unity)


Get the apk file in your android device and install it using an apk installer if your system doesn't have one.

(Play Protect and some antivirus can give you a warning while installing. This happen because it doesn't recognize the name of our development group.)


FabolousSamurai V0.5 for Windows (zip) 24 MB
FabolousSamurai V0.5 for Android (apk) 22 MB


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Thanks for playing and for the video!

I am waiting for the store!

We are working on it, but it won't be out soon due to personal things. Thank you for playing by the way!